By Nida e Kisan

USB Disk Security

USB Disk Security is a program that purpose to find any virus before it has a chance to destroy your memory stick.By their very nature, USB drives are liable to infection. You stick them in unfamiliar computers, share them with your social circle and grant them to people for their files and downloads, so it's not surprising that when you use them, there's a warning that they could end up infecting your computer with something unpleasant.

If once you install USB Disk Security it involuntary runs when a flash drive is added. It examine for infections, and give few other features, such as a catalogue of the programs that involuntary run at start-up. USB Disk Security has alternative features, like a USB scan equipment and mend options, but these are not present in the trial version.

When removing, USB Disk Security will sit in the task tray carefully. From this thing, you can manage and disable auto-scanning, as well as updating the program. The restriction on the trial version of USB Disk Security are few of a disappointment, but the program is so unobtrusive and efficient at scanning recently-inserted USB drives that it might be worth downloading anyway.

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