Beware of 23 Time Wasters

By Positive Pakistan

Beware of 23 Time Wasters

Take Care of Your Time. Lest it Should Waste Your Life.

Following are a few indications which may lead us to understand our time wasters:

  1. Trying to do every-thing and learning through trial and error result in wastage of time. We should be able to learn from others and to benefit from their experiences.
  2. Trying to be exceed-ingle obliging often leads to wastage of time. We should commit only what we can deliver, otherwise we should learn to say no.
  3. Perfectionism also leads to wastage of time. One is likely to leave tasks unfinished in pursuit of perfection.
  4. Application of  effort without the required skill and understanding of what is involved, often results in wastage of time.
  5. Lethargy and procrastination are big time wasters. The ‘some-other-time’ attitude and ‘will do it tomorrow’ is a word found in the dictionary of fools. You meet lots of losers on the road to success who waited in vain for a better tomorrow.
  6. Leaving things half done, is a big time waster. Attempting one task at a conclusion, is far better then starting several tasks all at once, and then leaving them half done.
  7. Lack of self discipline, lack of emotional control and lack of appreciation for ground realities, lead to wastage of time.
  8. Lack of attention to important affairs, lack of feedback on tasks in hand, and lack of follow up, are all time wasters.
  9. Not every acquaint-acne is a friend; and we need not give time to everyone up to his/her contentment.
  10. Absence of goals and priorities in life.
  11. Commuting is also time consuming. When it is inevitable, one should find something to do during commuting to utilize this valuable time.
  12. In our society. Private functions like wedding parties, generally consume five to six hours each time, which is a criminal waste of a precious resource.
  13. Absence of written job descriptions, lack of delegation, coordination and control in organizations lead to mismanagement and wastage of time.
  14. Complicated procedures, small task and frequent tea breaks, in which our government offices excel, lead to a massive wastage of time in un-productive work, which results in burdening the nation under heavy taxes.
  15. Cricket frenzy also costs the nation millions of man-hours every year.
  16. Adhocism and quick fixes are also responsible for a significant part of the time lost every day.
  17. Lack of ability to take decisions and to assume responsibility, lead to postponement of important decisions and actions, resulting in wastage of time.
  18. Excessive paper work and red tape are a bane to progress.
  19. Lack of appreciation for punctuality and productivity also contribute to loss of time.
  20. Not providing the required training and not preparing functionaries for responsibities that lie ahead, leads to massive wastage of organizational time.
  21. Aimless telephone calls, lengthy conversations and lacing the essential with the superfluous, are a drain on time.

This list can be extended according to individual circumstances and experiences. However, it is better to categorize our time wasters into the main categories either as listed above, or internal and external or controllable and uncontrollable.

M. Basheer juma (chartered accountant)  

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